At Roosevelt Risk Consultants, we are expert risk managers. We are not brokers.

We take great pride in standing in your shoes by protecting your balance sheet, your employees, your property and your business by performing the tasks your broker can’t…while you concentrate on making your business better.

We are here to help…everyday.

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When it comes to your own internal risk management, every leader has a choice:

  1. Manage a full enterprise risk management program on your own
  2. Hire a full time risk manager to do it
  3. Outsource the entire function to a Roosevelt Risk consultant

No matter your decision, Roosevelt has a solution to help!

  1. Access expert risk management services via minimal annual retainer
  2. Hire vetted professional risk management talent via Garrison Specialty Search
  3. Utilize professional safety & risk control tools via Quaker Risk Control
  4. Utilize full-scale FTE replacement via outsourced risk management services with Roosevelt Risk Consultants